Monday, July 30, 2012

Who we are, What we do, How to Help!

Each year, the Post 434 Family puts together amazing efforts in support of The American Legion Four Pillars of Service: Americanism, Children & Youth, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, and National Security.  Each year, much is done for the betterment of our community and those who call it home as well as our Veterans and their families.  We touch each school in our area in many ways from scholarships to booster support and much more.  We work hard with Wounded Warriors projects and programs and have led the charge by travelling to Naval Medical Center San Diego (Balboa) and Camp Pendleton to help support, but these are only a few.  We help those in need by joining with others to help rebuild homes.  We support in so many ways that we can and have assembled books to report our efforts. If you are curious, you can check them out online:

It takes a lot to accomplish this many great deeds each and every year!  It takes the support of our family through countless hours of volunteering and assembling these worthwhile projects, all the many friends and community neighbors who support, and it takes funding to make it happen!  We fundraise through many sources.  Now, you can donate online, through the following Post 434 Family Funds: