Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time Running Out! Chula Vista Veterans Who Need Home Repairs: Please Act Now!

From City of Chula Vista Pess Release:  CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER
"Hundreds of volunteers will grab a paintbrush or hammer October 13 and join with local businesses to make a wish come true for a selected group of Chula Vista homeowners.  The annual “Christmas in October” program helps preserve and revitalize houses and communities. In past years, volunteers have assisted people who are unable to make repairs to their homes because they are low income, elderly and/or disabled. The program combines the good will and spirit of volunteers with donated funds and materials from businesses and monies raised by local service clubs.

Military veterans and their families – the wounded, the elderly, or their widows/widowers who reside in the Chula Vista area are urged to apply. The goal is to renovate eight Chula Vista homes—all repairs are at no cost to the homeowner. Mobile homes are not included in the program. 
Anyone who wants to participate in the program must fill out an application and turn it in before 1 September on a first come, first served basis. Houses may be painted and often carpeting, windows, tile, pipes and bathroom fixtures are replaced. New water heaters, smoke detectors and refrigerators may be installed. Able-bodied family members are expected to help with the renovations. Funding for the program comes from corporations, individuals, labor organizations, foundations, and civic organizations.  Referrals come from a variety of sources including homeowners, residents, nonprofit agencies, police and fire departments, social service organizations, churches, and synagogues.  Applicants are selected after a home visit by “Christmas in October” chair and civic leader Emerald Randolph.
Applications for this year’s program may be obtained by calling (619) 691-5213 or at the front desk of Fire Administration offices at 276 Fourth Avenue, Building 300, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Citizens or businesses wishing to volunteer may call the same number for information. Monetary donations are tax deductible."

The Post 434 Family serves as a proud participant of this program in that we help locate individuals who can benefit from the program and we come together to as a team to help support one of the homes.  This year, there is a earnest desire among all the participating businesses and organizations for us to be able to support at least some active duty or wounded warriors who could benefit.  Please help us by spreading the word and by bringing folks forward who could benefit.  We also have the applications and can help!  Let us know!  Time is Running Out for us to be able to help someone!  Email: CommunityService@LegionPost434.org.