Saturday, July 14, 2012

Upcoming Events and Specials!

Cruise Raffle!  Winner to be chosen on August 4th at our Annual Post Picnic.  5-6 Day Cruise for TWO on Carnival Cruiseline.  Only 700 tickets to be sold and there are plenty left.  Check out the Flyer:

Need not be present to win!  Guess what?  That doesn't mean you won't win!  Our last two winners were supporters who were not present.  And, we hand delivered the Cruise Raffle Voucher in a manner that practically made their year!

Not sure that you want a cruise?  OK!  Think about it, this way:  If you win, it could be the greatest gift you have ever given to someone else for the price of one ticket!  And, the purchase comes back to you in the funds used to support the community through our Post!

How do you get them?  Well, EVERY Post Officer has the ability to sell you tickets, but if you come across a post officer who has run out, then check with our Bartender who has a stack ready for you!

Guess Pull Tabs Contest!  This is a quick, easy, inexpesive contest.  Overall winner to be announced by the Band at the Annual Picnic on August 4th.  One Dollar, One Guess.  How simple is that?  Check out the flyer:

Our Post 434 Family Annual Picnic!  Speaking of our Annual Picnic!  All takes place on August 4th with a full array of events and specials throughout the entire day.  There is something for everyone in the family!  This year's theme is "Mardi Gras"! 

Sons of the American Legion Golf Classic! Saturday, August 25th This is ALWAYS a fantastic event with a whole lot of prizes and fun wrapped up in a day that raises money for good causes!
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