Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heroes to Hometowns Program {Test Post}

Heroes to Hometowns (H2H) is an American Legion initiative dedicated to help severely injured service members and their families connect with their hometowns or new communities. The mission of H2H, is to recognize the severely injured and embrace them as a part of our community, assist them in making a seamless transition into their new hometown, and provide them a solid support network they can access when needed. In the regional area, a San Diego based H2H group has been in place since early 2007 and has been featured in the American Legion National Magazine as a successful support resource for local San Diego area Wounded Warriors. To support their regional efforts, the post moved in October 2007 to assemble a Heroes Transition Team (HTT) in 2008 to be ready to assist as needed. In the coming months, more information will be provided and the HTT will report profress and look for ways to help support regional efforts. For more information about the American Legion's Heroes to Hometowns, check out the following:

Just another way that legionnaires help others and how Post 434 is here for local veterans!